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"I want to introduce a dream of mine that has come true."

Debbie Love

From working in the industry for over 40 years, Debbie Love has dedicated her life to the sport of cheerleading. Debbie travels around the world spreading her knowledge of performance and safety in cheerleading to thousands of cheerleaders and coaches.
Debbie currently serves on the National Advisory Board for the USASF and is the Strength and Conditioning Chair for the USASF. 
In 2010, Debbie was inducted into the USASF Hall of Fame and recieved the SITA Coaching Award. She also received the Pinnacle Coaching Award in 2009.
Debbie has always had a passion to not only develop better athletes, but to build better individuals and teams through her integrity and character. She truly is a genuine leader as a coach and role model.


"Better performance. Better Athlete."

Love Performance

Through years of experience and research in tumbling, Debbie discovered the power of proper posture and the importance it has when practicing and competing in the sport athletes love. With correct posture and alignment of the of body, the maximum power output of the athlete will reach it's full potential- increasing performance and safety for athletes.
For 15 years, Debbie placed rubber bands on athletes shoulders to help pull back their shoulders and improve posture. Her dream developed with the idea to produce a sports bra that gently pulls athletes shoulders back, the same way the rubber bands did. 
Debbie's story and research on the power of posture was featured in the January/February 2015 issue of Inside Cheerleading Magazine.

In 2014, our team met with our good friend Debbie Love and worked hard to design a tech package on a sports bra that would be a stimulation of the rubber bands Debbie uses. Debbie's dream became a reality as we introduced the Love Performance Bra. Our company, made of Debbie Love and other leaders in the industry, will continue to be innovative in finding new ways to help increase performance, confidence, and safety for the athletes in the sport that we love. We want our company to be known as a representation of the true athletes we have in cheerleadering. We will always put our values and athletes first.