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Love Performance

The Blue Original

$ 35.00


What Is The Love Performance Bra?

  • The Love Bra is a patented sport bra designed to pull shoulders back in order to create better posture. 
  • The Love Bra is designed by Debbie Love from her years of experience in tumbling.
  • The Love Bra is a reversible and seamless product. One side of the bra is a solid color, while the reversed side is heathered. 
  • The Love Bra is offered in 4 base colors.
  • Youth sizes coming soon!

What Is the Purpose Of the Product?

  • The Love Bra helps the body engage the thoracic center of the body by gently pulling the shoulder blades back within 2-4 inches of each other. 
  • The Love bra is designed to enhance athletic performance by improving posture.


Product Details:

Inspired and designed by Debbie Love to increase power and agility in order to achieve maximum athletic potential while tumbling and stunting.